As easy as pulling the cork.

As easy as pulling the cork.

That’s what they want you to believe, anyway. I will argue there are a couple of very colorful phrases and at least one moment of exasperation involved.

Yes, it’s another Pinterest project. This time I chose a small bulletin board made of corks. (Did I mention I have a few of those?) Here’s a visual reference for now:

You might notice a certain someone said “want” below that.

Easy. Choose a frame, grab a bag of corks, heat up the glue gun.

Or not.

Now there are a dozen such board ideas floating around out there. Most of the instructions are about that easy. A clever young thing shows you a billion pictures of her finding just the right frame and attaching the corks. Without burning her fingers, I might add. (I haven’t fired up a glue gun in maybe five years. The technique is mostly still there, but there were a couple of close calls.) However, stubborn Cindy is determined to approach this crafting revival without spending a dime in new materials. That means I had to use a frame I already possessed. I have dozens! However, not one was in the size necessary to arrange my corks without cutting a few. And of course, that was more difficult than I planned.

I eventually decided a herringbone pattern would be a good match for the frame’s size. Away I went laying out the pattern inside the frame I chose. I wanted to make sure it would work, so I didn’t take out the picture and glass before making the pattern just in case. In the end, I pulled the backing off a piece of contact paper I had in my stash and laid it over the corks to save the pattern. I flipped the frame over, and disaster. About a third of the corks ran over the table and onto the floor.

Colorful phrase one left my lips.

I persevered. I cut corks, I sanded cork ends, and finally, I had a project ready to put to the backing with hot glue. Except the hot glue didn’t want to stick the cardboard backing to the frame, so I used Elmer’s glue all for that. And then it wasn’t sticking fast enough so I grabbed some clamps.

I heard my dad’s voice say, “You can never have too many clamps.” It made me tear up a bit. But you know what? He’s right. I could have used a couple more small ones.


So that’s the almost finished project. I’m pleased. I think a certain someone will be, too.

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