How I’ll be voting

How I’ll be voting

We know I prefer Steve Ponto for the Brookfield mayoral race. As I’ve mentioned, Steve won’t be a huge difference, but the difference will be enough to be noticeable. Unlike Jeff Speaker, Ponto is capable of leading on his own. It will matter as Brookfield looks to the future and negotiates for things like regional cooperation and surviving state mandates.

I can’t frame this argument more bluntly: if you prefer mediocrity, then put Jeff Speaker back into office tomorrow.

Really, that’s probably the only read I’ll get from tomorrow’s results. Is Brookfield looking forward or is this community content with a slumlord who can’t string three sentences together on his own?

(Here’s a group of Fairly Conservative links with Speaker’s foibles.)

In the second district it’s no surprise I’m voting for Terry Halmstad.

While our favorite blowhard alderman proclaimed Halmstad a “perennial candidate,” in truth (often a small problem for that alderman) this is Halmstad’s second run and the first time he’s run against Bob Reddin.

Don’t get me wrong. Bob Reddin is a nice guy and probably would have been a good full-time mayoral candidate, but he’s proving to be way too wrapped up in other things and that leaves his priority to manage his part-time job as alderman way at the bottom of the list. Remember this? Shouldn’t have happened.

One other little thing that bothered me about Reddin’s re-election campaign: Two color signs and four-color handouts on card stock. It’s kind of inside baseball, but the dude dropped some big bucks to make himself look good. Is that how he defines “fiscal conservative?”

Halmstad, on the other hand, knows a thing or two about appropriate spending. He had four kids in college overlapping in the last few years. It keeps a family frugal, that’s for darn sure.

In honesty, I knew Terry’s wife over the years better than he. Terry and I started sharing notes during the first high school building spree the Elmbrook school district was proposing. I was amazed at how well this man could not only manage the numbers, but see the patterns AND THE HIDING PLACES. I came to rely on his work for a lot of that discussion and he didn’t let me down.

Halmstad is retired and very, very connected to the 2nd district. While Reddin still drives to a church in the center of town, Halmstad is firmly grounded in the crowd at St. Dominics and interacts with residents weekly. While Reddin installed a second phone line for district residents to contact him (there’s that spending thing again!), Halmstad will be answering his home phone.

It will be hard for Halmstad to displace an incumbent, but I know he’s been diligent about walking the neighborhoods. I sure hope it pays off for him tomorrow.

For judges I’m picking Reilly and Gundrum. Reilly is the friend of a friend. Gundrum is the conservative choice.

School board: Kathryn Wilson. She’s the only candidate that will even look at keeping 4K down. The other candidates are very pro-4K.

And…I’ll only vote once even though I can use two votes here. Choosing another candidate will dilute the strength of my vote for Wilson. I almost always use a one-vote strategy for something like this.

(Dear Beth. You’ve been a great friend, but I don’t want to pay for 4K.)

Also, I’ll support Glen Allgaier in his effort. That’s a separate race.

This still works to find your sample ballot.

I know someone will ask, so here are my thoughts on the other aldermanic districts. There aren’t any surprises:

1) Bill Carnell
I like Bill a lot. He’s quiet, but thoughtful. If he finds something important, he’ll let you know.

4) Mark Nelson
Nice guy. Plays the middle of the road a little too much for my liking, but rarely puts his foot in his mouth.

5) Sheila Buechel
The 5th district deserves someone who will represent, not bloviate. Her opponent has a real problem in that he likes to hear himself talk more than he likes to be relevant.

6) Jerry Mellone
Because he’s one of the best guys ever – that’s why. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an alderman work as hard for his district as Mellone. That district has had some nasty issues, and it’s not going to get any easier any time soon.

That’s it. Let me have it if you think I deserve to be opposed in my opinion. Please don’t get personal. I’m very well aware of what a few of you think of me. Instead I’d prefer to hear what you think of the candidates.

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  1. My votes: Ponto, Wilson (and only Wilson), Allgaier, Reilly, Sheila, and Gundrum.

    I think the winners will be (in declining order of confidence):

    Allgaier (99%), Gundrum (95%) , Makhorn (85%), Wilson/Zielger (80% these two will win… not sure who will get the 3 year term, however), Speaker (70%), and Van De Water (55%, so basically a tossup)

  2. I’m going to pretend you aren’t an actuary for a few hours, thank you very much.

    Looks like you better get used to voting in the minority, too. Maybe we should name a group or something.

  3. I grew up in Madison, so I am quite used to this. In fact, if roughly half of the people I support are going to win, that is a good election.

    And honestly, I am pretty much eschewing my actuarial training and just flat out making up numbers. I honestly haven’t talked to enough people to know the result of any election with 90+% certainty. But off the cuff, I think that:

    – I haven’t seen very many Frayer signs, and so I can’t imagine seeing her topple a seemingly popular incumbent.

    -I can’t imagine Waukesha county electing a prominent Dem and Doyle appointee like Congden.

    -I have seen a lot of Makhorn signs (though actually a decent number of Sheila ones too). I could be wrong on this one…. hope I am.

    -Wilson and Ziegler got the most in the primary… I haven’t seen anything to suggest a sudden swell in Sandra or Beth support.

    -I have definitely seen more Ponto signs than Speaker signs. Still, I think most Speaker voters probably don’t have signs. Then again, maybe the rain will chase away all but the most motivated voters? That’s probably Ponto’s best hope. I still see him falling a few hundred votes short.

    -Van De Water had some very persuasive mailers and is trying to position herself as the conservative in the race. But a lot of the more thoughtful conservatives and folks that have worked with both of them seem to prefer Reilly. To me, this will be an indicator of the relative power of campaign materials vs. local buzz. I’m honestly not sure which will prevail.

  4. Sorry the spam filter zapped you, Ryan. I just can’t figure out it’s logic.

    Anyway, I’m glad you were wrong on at least one of them! I haven’t seen numbers for the judges races yet. Guess I’ll go digging.

  5. This is from the county as of 10:19pm

    PAUL F REILLY . . . . . . . . . 22,153 56.79
    LINDA M VAN DE WATER. . . . . . . 16,812 43.09
    WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 47 .12

    So, that one looks good. Gundrum won. Ponto won. Wilson won. Allgaier won. The only person I voted for who did not win was Terry Halmstad.

    Listen, I blew my usual average all to heck tonight. I probably ought to frame these results.

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